Fruit Juice pasteurizer | Pasteurisation systems

used in the fruit juice production industry


Operation: The product is heated up to a temperature between 65°C and 142°C in order to dispose of all micro-organisms. Next, the product is cooled down ready to undergo subsequent processing. The systems are fitted with a booster pump to ensure that the pressure of the pasteurised product always exceeds the pressure of the non-pasteurised product by at least 0.5 bar. In case event of a leakage in the heat exchanger, the pasteurised product is always pressed into the non-pasteurised product, never the other way round. You can rest assured: only 100% perfectly pasteurised product leaves your system. Advantages: Flexible and individual design and planning Can be cleaned using CIP systems Each system can be delivered as a mono-block Installation can be performed autonomously by the customer User-friendly Fully automatic PLC control system with visualisation

Food industry - machinery and equipment
  • fruit juice pasteurisation systems
  • pasteurisers
  • pasteurizer

Product features

Efficiency range from 500 l/h up to 50 00 l/h
Heating temperatures from 65°C up to 99°C
Material AlSl 304/316L
Operation Manual or automatic (PLC control system)

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