Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank GidroBak


Capacities TM Gidrobak used for long-term storage of petroleum products. Flexible tanks are a convenient solution in cases where the weight of the tank and its mobility are important. A distinctive feature of flexible tanks for fuel and lubricants is ease of operation. To install the tank does not require any concrete bases or special equipment. The entire capacity setting takes less than 15 minutes. Time-saving compared to metal tanks is huge. Depending on the volume of the tank for installation, 1 to 8 people are required. Flexible tanks can be used for temporary storage of transformer oil in routine maintenance of electric oil transformers. Storage of petroleum products in metal containers has significant disadvantages: significant weight, large volume, the need for protection from rain and corrosion. Our polymeric tanks Gidrobak TM can significantly reduce the cost of works associated with the storage of petroleum products.

Fuel oil
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