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Twin-screw pump as a fuel pump for the automotive industry. Leistritz pumps are used in a wide range of vehicles and pump modules. The high overall efficiency in comparison with other pump stages, the low noise emission and the pump's high dirt resistivity as well as the outstanding controllability of a displacement pump make our pumps a reliable and important module in the delivery unit. These are major advantages, particularly in view of the ever higher and stricter requirements for exhaust standards.

Product information

Operating pressure
3 ≤ p [bar] ≤ 8
Speed range
2500 ≤ n [1/min] ≤ 9000
80 ≤ Q [l/h] ≤ 450
Supply voltage
6 ≤ U [Volt] ≤ 13.4
Operating noise
≤ 28 dB [A]
Operating temperature
-30 ≤ T [C°] ≤ 90