Stokota has been a European market leader in the production of fuel tank semitrailers, tank trucks and trailers for many years. The advanced design and engineering has made our vehicles popular all over Europe. We build high quality tanks in aluminium or steel with a large package of standard equipment and a rich choice in options and varieties. Our fuel tank trucks have a capacity from 4000 to 23.000 litres, divided in up to 6 compartments. These distribution vehicles are equipped with a pump and measuring installation suitable for 800 litres/min. via empty hose and 450 litres/min. via full hose. The reel is easily accessible from both sides of the vehicle. We can also help you in choosing the vehicle that exactly fit your needs. Our salespeople, in cooperation with our experienced engineering team, will support you in finding the best logistical solution for you. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION Capacity From 4.000 to 23.000 L Construction Construction of the tank is made from aluminium based

Product features

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION From 4.000 to 23.000 L
Construction Construction of the tank is made from aluminium based on a chassis 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x4, 8x4
Use petrol/gasoline, diesel, oil, heating oil
Tank - The tank is coffer shaped, made from high-quality aluminium, in accordance with the latest ADR reg
Unloading equipment for each compartment - Bottom valve DN 100 pneumatic; - Unloading pipes DN 100, aluminium, from the bottom v
Measuring equipment - Mechanical or electronic counter with a printer and dose controller; - Gas separator
Bottom loading - API DN 100 connection for bottom loading; - Full pneumatic control from the central p
Vapour recovery system Pneumatic breathing valves mounted on the main manhole. 1 pipe connecting the vapour co
Overfill protection Optical electric sensors against overfilling. System protecting against overfilling loc
Equipment - Black polyamide mudguards above the rear wheels; - Closed plastic toolbox;
Accessories Fire extinguisher (12 kg) located in a plastic cover. Tank marking in accordance with A
Painting Before painting, the aluminium elements are etched, then painted with a primer and then painted with


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