Our UHT milk in tetra paks is our leading product sold in many local markets around the world. Our 1-litre tetra pak Brik UHT milk comes in full cream, semi-skimmed milk as well as nonfat skimmed milk variations. Your consumers will love our tetra paks for their ease-of-use, east-of-storage, and being easy to carry. Dana UHT milk is long life milk that comes with 12 months of storage life. The unopened tetra pak can be stored at room temperature. Only when the pack is opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within a few days. We make our UHT milk from fresh cow milk. The milk is processed and packed according to European standard. DANA UHT milk has been welcomed with large success in many African countries, the GCC, and the Far East countries. DANA Full Cream UHT milk is a source of Calories, calcium, protein, with 3.5% fat in each liter of milk.

  • Full Cream UHT Milk
  • Long life UHT Milk
  • uht milk

Product features

Packing 1 Litre with screw cap
Packing per carton 1 Litre x 12 per carton
Loading per container 1620 cartons 12 litre per carton
Energy 267kj / 64 kcal
Fat 3.5g per 100ml
Protein 3.3g per 100ml
calcium 120mg /15%NRV*

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Production of UHT Milk in factory by Dana Dairy

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