Full Pipe Flow Meters


The Flo-Sonic FPFM is a permanent measurement system for full pipe applications using the ultrasonic transit time technology. It is designed to suit a large range of applications for clean to polluted water with pipe diameters ranging from 50 to 3000 mm. The Flo-Sonic FPFM can be equipped with either clamp-on sensors or insertion sensors. The Flo-Sonic FPFM system consists of one ultrasonic speed processor and monitor and two Flo-Sonic probes per path. The Flo-Sonic FPFM can be equipped with up to 2 measurement paths and used as a dual flow meter measuring the flow on 2 different pipes controlled by the same processor and monitor. Very complex applications can be equipped with up to 16 measurement paths. The Flo-Sonic OCFM uses the very latest electronic technology combined with highly efficient digital signal processing (D.S.P.). The D.S.P. technique maximizes the system performance giving the user significant benefits. Operation principle: The Flo-Sonic measurement principle is base

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