Full Quartz Infrared Heating Element ICH-401 - Available with 250-1000W; 110-480V; custom leads and thermocouple (K)

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ICH-400 series infrared quartz heaters are used in industrial and commercial heating systems where instant heat response is required: thermoforming, drying chambers, infrared tunnels and panels, heating and drying conveyors, and other infrared systems. These emitters are essential tools for the processes that need an immediate heat-up and cool down, where the product could be damaged because of a heater remaining too hot after the power is cut off. Maximun temperature 730°C. EUROLINIA quartz heating elements are hand-made using the best available components to bring you excellent performance and service life of up to 8000 hours of non-stop operation.Comply with all international standards and are interchangeable with all known brands (FQE/HQE/QQE/SQE)