Automatic Systems TRS 371 is a full-height turnstile, with 4-arm mobile obstacle, which increases the level of security by reducing space available for the user passing through the turnstile. Security Access control : entry, exit or bi-directional Single-user throughput Anti-fraud Rotating obstacle : all-welded construction Anti-climbing structure Mechanical locking Modularity Multiple configurations of passage management: free, controlled, locked Compatible with all types of access control systems Noumerous options : obstacle in stainless steel, roof extensions, heel protectors... Design adapted to all perimeter access control environments Ergonomics Smooth and progressive movements Simple operation, with user protection Reliability Rotating obstacle, fixed obstacle and frame in galvanized steel (painted or unfinished) Guaranteed corrosion resistance in hostile environments Robust mechanism, the result of 40 years' experience Applications Industries Sensitive sites :...

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