Fully Automated Labeling Line

Suitable for reliably applying self-adhesive labels
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This fully automatic labeling line is suitable for reliably applying self-adhesive labels to various products such as envelopes, catalogues, magazines, etc. The machine is equipped with a completely overhauled rotary feeder from CMC, which we installed as a self-sufficient unit with a new vacuum pump and motor in a stable frame made of aluminum profiles. We then paired them up with a new vacuum table with electric height adjustment and an "Alpha Compact" labeler from BLUHM/WEBER mounted on it. Together with a new machine control system these modules can be assembled into a fully automatic labeling line with which our customer can process products up to 43 cm in length at high speeds (up to 70 m/min). Our systems can be freely configured according to your needs. Tell us your requirements so that we can present a concrete solution proposal.

  • Custom packaging
  • Adhesive label applicators
  • Label dispensers
  • Automated labeling machines

Product characteristics

Product length
10 cm – 43 cm
Product width
8 cm – 32 cm
Processing speed
Up to approx. 10,000 pieces (depending on product length)
Conveyor speed
Up to 70 m/min
Rotary feeder
CMC (Year: 2002, refurbished)
Vacuum table
MWT Octovacu 100 (new)
BLUHM Alpha Compact (new)
Vacuum pump
BECKER T4.10 DV (new)
Base & controls
Mail-SysTec (new)
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38110 Braunschweig - Germany