Fully automatic filter presses are specifically designed for applications in which a continuous operation and fast cycle times are essential and therefore crucial. MSE fully automatic filter presses provide a high degree of automation while providing uninterrupted operation at the same time. FULLY AUTOMATIC FILTER PRESSES FROM MSE INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AT THE SAME TIME REDUCING PERSONNEL COSTS The operating time of a fully automatic filter press is 24/7. The option of the simultaneous filter plate opening system, for example, helps to realise a particularly fast cake release reducing the cycle time to a minimum. The result is a high-speed filter press that allows increased production per unit area of filter. For this reason, these machines are used in applications with highly filterable products where high filtration speeds are required. These include, e.g. mining concentrates and residues.

Drainage systems and equipment
  • filter press
  • sludge dewatering
  • waste water treatment

Product features

Product Features Maximum automation & fast cycle times
Product Features Simple & economical filtration
Product Features Manless plant operation
Product Features thereby low personnel costs
Product Features High security level
Product Features Increased service life

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