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Fully automatic labelling of shock absorbers RSA Verified by Europages badge

Fully automatic labelling of shock absorbers - RSA


The RSA Series is designed to identify suspension springs with the appropriate load class based on an individual payload measurement result. The system receives the measurement results from the upstream system. The system is available as a single or double cycle version (depending on the required throughput). Simple linear axes, single- or twin-robot systems are used as handling systems. Since the labels are normally wider than the distance between the threads, the label is preformed (Ushape) before application to reach the labelling position before it is placed around the wire and finally fixed as a flag label. The data is inspected by a vision system and compared with the original measurement information at the outfeed of the system (verification). The labels are printed in the system with various data such as customer information, barcodes and line information. The data for this is made available via the main control of the production line.

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Shock absorbers
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