Fully automatic sampling Liquistation CSF48


Sampling made safe and easy. Liquistation CSF48 complies with worldwide water regulation, features a fail-safe cooling system and vandalism-proof housing guaranteeing outstanding safety for your samples. Easy, menu-guided sample programming and tool-free maintenance save you time in your everyday tasks. Liquistation can be upgraded to a complete measuring station for modern environmental monitoring at any time giving you the flexibility to address future demands.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Sampler
Functions Stationary sampler
Application Sampling from liquids
Dosing system Vacuum pump system; Peristaltic pump system; Armature
Suction height 6 m (19,69 ft) suction height; 8 m (26,25 ft) suction height
Cabinet Plastic PS; Plastic ASA+PC; Stainless Steel V2A; Stainless Steel V4A
Distribution possible
Process temperature Sample temperature 2 to 50°C (36 to 122°F)
Cooling Active, dynamic cooling unit
Process pressure max 0,8bar (11.6PSI)

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