Due to lower storage costs and greater flexibility, more and more manufacturers are opting to process unprinted tubes and label them directly before filling. Our model TEM was developed for this purpose and is able to apply a label to the empty, unsealed tubes on the circumference. For this purpose, the products are transported via a clocked transport system to the labelling station, where they are aligned and stabilised beforehand by a format-specific mandrel. The model can optionally be extended by infeed and outfeed magazines and/or inclined conveyors into the tube filler. As a double-stroke variant, the throughput can be doubled. Special sensor technology enable a target zone labelling based on print marks or lid characteristics. Model: TEM | Empty, unsealed tubes | 50 – 60 products/min TEM-2T | Empty, unsealed tubes | 100 – 120 products/min

Labelling machines
  • Tube labelling
  • Labelling of empty tubes
  • Labelling of unsealed tubes

Product features

Products Empty, unsealed tubes
Output 50 - 120 products/min

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