The Fully-automatic Filling and Packaging Line includes: 1. Fully-automatic Bag-in-Box Filling Machine 2. Hot Melt Glue Carton Erector 3. Bag Inserter 4. Hot Glue Box Sealer 5. Conveying Systems The whole line is fully-automatic, for 3-25L Bag-in-Box filling and packaging. Grade 304 stainless steel construction and grade 316L stainless steel fluid-contact parts. World famous brands of key components and many are imported. Made in China, but built at high quality level. Procedures of the whole line: 1) Automatically feed bags. 2) Automatically pull cap, fill, cap and cut bags apart. 3) Automatically form cartons and seal bottoms with hot melt glue. 4) Automatically insert filled bags in boxes. 5) Automatically seal the box tops with hot melt glue.

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