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Fume hoods for laboratories
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Ugur Medical® Fume Hoods Ugur Medical Fume Hoods are specialized safety gear made for handling chemicals with a high level of intensity. These products have been ergonomically created to the highest degree possible to satisfy user demands and requirements. This makes it possible for workers to do their jobs easily and effectively. These products are recommended for all businesses that want to work with high-intensity chemicals. Our Fume Hood legs have pingo casters that can withstand floor slopes and are chemically resistant. It is also finished with safety glass that can move vertically and horizontally. Gas connections, it complies with DIN 12898 standards, which is the standard for laboratory taps. Who Are We: Steeling.Net carries out partner marketing activities in the Turkish metal industry. Our partner manufacturers are companies that specialize in sheet and steel processing and have a wide product range.

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Product characteristics

Safety glass that can move vertically and horizontally
Galvanized steel
Paint Preperties
Electrostatic epoxy powder paint
Working surface
Antacid compact, industrial ceramic
Fume Hood Feet
Chemicals that can tolerate ground slopes durable pingo foot.
Water connection
Laboratory taps standard It complies with DIN 12898 standards.
Polypropylene sink, stainless steel sink, industrial ceramic sink
Gas Connection
Laboratory taps standard It complies with DIN 12898 standards.
1200 / 1500 / 1800
Artboard Width
1080 / 1380 / 1680
Working Surface Depth

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35210 Izmir - Turkey