Furniture For Horeca: Hotels, Restaurants


We bring into being atmospheric spaces that encourage Guests to return again and again A comfortable, inviting space is just as important as a perfect menu. ZOKKO offers furniture for HoReCa, which will be most appropriate in each case, making your establishment a desirable place to visit. With the most aesthetic appearance, furniture from ZOKKO has high characteristics of comfort, durability and practicality, capable of withstanding the active load inherent in the Horeca sphere. Whether it is a design in a single conceptual style for the entire restaurant or the supply of individual pieces of furniture tables and chairs sofas and benches bar counters and reception counters decorative designs and dummies entrance areas and fences interior decor elements wall panels, door portals, etc.Trusting the professionals, you can rest assured that we design and manufacture the best furniture for Horeca.

Hotels and restaurants
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