A light source - unlimited possibilities. A change that is worth it. Single sided capped, compact metal halogen vapour discharge bulb Advantages - Stable light colour during the entire lifespan - High bulb effectiveness allowed through low operating costs - Long lifespan compared to light bulbs and halogen bulbs - Relatively low heat dispersion increases comfort for customers and employees - All types available through UV block for reduced bleaching Characteristics - Very good light quality - Wonderful colour stability - High brightness of the ray of light possible thanks to small axial discharge arch and compact bulb size Usage - Sales rooms and shop windows, offices and public buildings - Decorative outdoor lighting: floodlight and pedestrian zones Notes - Only for closed lamps (IEC61167, IEC 62035, IEC60598) - If a light bulb breaks, the lamp must be able to hold back the hot bulb parts securely - Only with suitable ballast (HID-PV recommended) - Ballasts only with "End of...

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Energy efficiency class A+

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