The Master TL-D Super 80 fluorescent bulb replaces conventional TL-D fluorescent bulbs with 26mm and exceeds these in regards to usage lifespan and light yield. Through its good colour reproduction index of Ra80 (Super 80 light colours through 3 band light bulb) and a nearly stable light current throughout the entire lifespan, it is wonderfully ideal to be used in the office and industry, or as basic lighting in business rooms. Features: - very long life of up to 20,000 hours - Nearly constant light current throughout the entire lifespan - Good colour reproduction index of Ra 80 (Super 80 light colours) - low mercury content - Available in 14W / 15W / 18W / 23W / 30W / 36W / 38W / 58W / as well as light colour 827 / 830 / 840 / 865 - dimmable Usage: - Office and industry (good colour reproduction, high lifespan and light yield), basic lighting in stores. Ballast: - Can be operated with a conventional (VG) or electronic ballast (EVG), greatest efficiency with the electronic...

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Energy efficiency class A

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