OSRAM NATURA SPLIT control - the good shop light for bakeries, butchers and many other uses According to DIN 10504, the light colour of the OSRAM NATURA SPLIT control is particularly suitable for the edibles industry. Good presentation of merchandise is achieved through the specially adjusted spectral light distribution. Fluorescent bulbs from the light colour 76 can make meat and baked goods, but also other edibles look fresh and delicious without "sugar coating" them in an impermissible manner. Through the use of the OSRAM NATURA SPLIT control in open lamps with a protective hose, the conditions of the International Food Standard are fulfilled and the merchandise is protected in an optimal manner. Of course, OSRAM NATURA SPLIT control is also suitable for closed lamps. NEW: Compared to earlier versions of this bulb, the hose material is even more heat resistant and can therefore also be used in thermally critical lamps with high wattages. It is recommended to replace the...

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Energy efficiency class B

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