Save in existing and new lighting systems: T8 LUMILUX® ES offers an alternative for existing inside systems with conventional electronic ballast (KVG or VVG). The new fluorescent bulbs save up to 10% power compared to corresponding conventional bulbs. Simple 1:1 bulb change, cost savings and a contribution to the environment: T8 LUMILUX ES are a fast, inexpensive energy saving alternative for existing systems. Particularly if these have not yet fully amortised or a modernisation is out of the question due to other reasons. The advantages at a glance: - Saves power and money: 10% less power than a conventional electronic ballast - Reduction of CO2 emissions - Allows for a fast bulb change: simple 1:1 replacement - Is more efficient: T8 LUMILUX® 32W / 51W replace BASIC 36W / 58W - Better light current maintenance during the lifespan compared to T8 BASIC - Higher service lifespan: ~ 2.4 times T8 BASIC A ++ A + A B C D E Show full energy efficiency label

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Energy efficiency class A

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