Advantages - Higher degree of effect than 26 mm fluorescent bulbs through optimisation of the light current at 35°C - Allowance of a further system miniaturisation and maximum freedom in the lamp design through a 16 mm diameter - Nearly constant light current throughout the lifespan - Maximum light current at 35°C - Super 80 light colours (3-band light bulb) - Specially developed for operation with EVGs - Guaranteed ignition from -15° to +50°c - Nearly constant light current throughout the lifespan - Good colour reproduction level 1B (Ra80) - Particularly environment-friendly through low mercury content - Available in 14W, 21W, 28W and 35W Applications: Allows for new possibilities in architectural lighting through the combination of compact constructions and high light current. May not be disposed of through normal waste. A ++ A + A B C D E Show full energy efficiency label

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Energy efficiency class A+

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