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G8CC | Low-Code Data Framework.


Launch an integrated, data-driven application in minutes. G8CC provides an integrated Low-Code framework. It bridges the gap between integration and collaboration. That empowers you to share and reuse data across applications. This creates agility and resilience. Solutions such as Data Warehouses and Hubs have created complex IT systems. This is because they replicate data from multiple silos to another. That adds cost and risk, it hasn't integrated your data needs. G8CC creates an access management and data sharing layer. It removes the replication and duplicated effort created by other solutions. G8CC's framework allows you to start small and easily scale. This reduces delivery and ongoing risk and cost. That supports ongoing change. G8CC is configured in Cloud or on-premises infrastructure. This supports ongoing compliance and data management needs. G8CC provides a simple, yet powerful data processing and management system.