G11/6BF13 Gas range, 6 burners, gas oven, neutral cupboard, "service hatch" - 6 burners (4x 5.5 kW et 2x de 7.5 kW). - Open cupboard underneath, dimensions 340x895xh355 mm. - Oven, dimensions 530x900xh280 mm (10 kW). - Manufactured in stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304, adjustable legs in stainless steel. - Oven room and double glazed door provided with thermic spun glass isolation. Hinged oven door with spring system, grip in stainless steel. - Burners of treated cast iron, crown of brass (with very high output), enamelled catching basin for cooking fluid, regulation through a gas tap, divised over both sides of the machine, Enamelled superior grids, dimensions 400x400 mm. - Gas oven with service hatch, heating through stainless steel burners with stabilized flame, temperature regulatio through thermal gas tap, going from 120°C to 320°C, equipped with 2 chromed grids 530x430 mm.

Product features

mm (BxDxH) 1300x1100xh850
kcal/h 40420
kg 250

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