E17/2ID4T(230/3)-N Electric cooker, 2 induction sources -TOP- "Medium 1700" - 2 separate cooking zones Ø 230 mm (2x 3,5 kW). - Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304, submerged "top", (15/10 mm), adjustable legs in stainless steel, watertight "IPX4". - Vitroceramics induction plate, (6 mm), diameter of the cooking zone 230 mm, energy regulator. - Principe of INDUCTION: Heat is generated directly by a magnetic field inside the container, this field is created electronically, there is no heating element, which makes it very safe. Cooking is virtually no loss of heat; it is the most cost-effective technology, the removal of the container is sufficient to stop the cooking process. Three physical phenomena are thus successively involved: A) The transfer of energy from the inductor to the container electromagnetically. B) The transformation of the electrical energy into heat in the container by Joule effect. C) The heat transfer of the food container by thermal conduction. NB accept all

Product features

mm (BxDxH) 400x700xh250
kW 7
Volt 230/3 50-60Hz
kg 34

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