E17/SCEA8(230/3)-N Electric coolking and tumblig machine multifonction tank 22 liters - Tank dimensions 630x510xh110 mm, surface 32,1 dm2. General characteristics: - Stamped top, thickness 15/10th. - Stainless steel sink AISI 316 "Coumpound", high thermal conductibility. - Cap and extension for discharge, standard delivered. - Electric heating: shielded elements in stainless steel, placed under the sink, regulation from 120° to 300°C. - Safety device in the case of overheating. - Protection degree of water IPX5. - Designed in stainless steel AIS 304, stainless steel feet adjustable. Advantage: Ideal for "dry" cooking, hob kind, "slaw cooker" use as tumbling machine, "fry" use as fryer, for light fried dish, "temperature maintenance" use as bain-marie (capacity GN - 100 mm) …

Product features

mm (BxDxH) 800x700xh850/920
kW 10
Volt 230/3 50-60Hz
kg 75

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