Performance Standard : API SN/ SM / SL SAE 50 API SN /SM/SL is a high performance heavy duty engine oils primarily intended for use in gasoline automotive engines of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and farm equipment. It may also be used in diesel engines of commercial vehicles and contractor equipment. This is formulated from high quality mineral base oils and an advanced additive system to provide the best performance required for modern combustion engines. It contains an effective balance of detergents and dispersants to reduce the formation of sludge and deposits, retain alkalinity and reduce wear. EVO E – Extra Protection to Engine, Clutch & Gears V – Value for Money with 70% Extra Mileage O – Outstanding Performance in all Weathers

Lubricants, graphite

Product features

SAE Grade 50
Viscosity, @ 100ºC, cSt (ASTM D445) 18.8
Viscosity, @ 40ºC, cSt (ASTM D445) 6.5

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