Working range Blind rivet nut from M3* up to M6 alu and up to M5 steel, brass and stainless steel Technical data Weight: 900 g Total length: 360 mm Stroke: 7 mm Accessories Standard: Threaded mandrel and nosepiece M5 (also optional with M4 or M6) Maintenance instructions with spare parts list Stroke table Features • With opening spring for simple handling • Large lever action for working with a minimum of effort • Fast tool-free replacement of the threaded mandrel • Quick drill confi guration for fast and simple winding on/of the threaded mandrel • Casing in steel • Lever made of forged steel • Plastic-coated handles

  • Blind rivet nut hand tool
  • gbm20
  • Riveting

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Material Steel, aluminium, plastic

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Work tool TV: Blind rivet nut setting tools

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