Single Decker Horses Merry-go-Round, Liberty style. The carousel consists of an hot-dip galvanised rotating structure supported by a central column and covered by hand decorated fibreglass panels on which lighting is fixed. The floor structure is suspended from the ground by tie-bars hanged to the roof and the floor surface consist of clear coated solid hard-wood panels. The driving unit consist of AC self-braking gear-motor mounted to the central column and electronically controlled. All Jumping horses and the rocking chariot are moved by ball bearing mounted crankshafts located on the ceiling.

Product features

Minimum dimensions Diameter m. 13,5 (44’3") - Height m 8,2 (27’)
Maximum capacity 62/68 passengers (Adults / Children)
Maximum passengers/hour 1150 passengers/hour (3,5 min. cycle)
Power Requirements Total maximum power 42 kW (36 kW Lighting - 6 kW Motive Power)


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