Bentonite for civil engineering


Since ancient times, man used clay for waterproofing (compacted clay layer). New technologies and the most water-retaining clay - bentonite, made it possible to create a perfect waterproofing material – GCL (geosynthetic clay liners). GCL consists of three layers: woven and nonwoven geotextile and granular bentonite evenly distributed between them. The layers are needle-punched. GCL are used as a roll waterproofing material in industrial, civil, transport and hydraulic engineering. In addition, GCL effectively protect the soil and groundwater from the ingress of pollutants, which has found its application in the construction and reclamation of waste landfills, in the oil and gas and mining industries, agriculture, etc. Advantages of using GCL: Possesses self-healing properties after damage Frost-resistant: retain their properties up to -70°C Long-lasting: service life up to 100 years

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