Ge Quartz is the world’s leading producer of fused quartz for lighting applications. In its production of fused quartz, GE utilizes a proprietary beneficiation process that produces ultra high-purity starting materials. Continual improvements in this technology enables GE to offer the highest quality produces for the world’s growing number of quartz users. Different basic types of lamp grade quartz are avaiable, each designed to fulfill specific performace requirements. Together, these materials cover a wide variety of applications. They include: Type 214 The worldwide standard for clear fused quartz lamp tubing. GE 214 is a high purity, high transmittance, high temperature material with a low hydroxy (OH-) content. It is suitable for a broad range of mercury, halogen and other quartz lamp applications. Type 219 Known as “Ozone-Free” or “Germicidal” quartz tubing. GE 219 trasmits UV-A and UVB while blocking the deep, high energy wavelengths that cause ozone generation and pose the

Light bulbs
  • halogen lamp
  • infrared lamps

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