GEDA BL 2000

GEDA BL 2000 - Personnel and Material Hoists


Wherever heavy loads have to be transported to great heights, the new GEDA BL 2000 ensures the necessary efficiency in the construction process. The person and material hoist has a load capacity of 2,000 kg or 23 people and a lifting speed of 55 m/min and the new power pack from GEDA is available as a single and twin variant. The platform size of 1.45 x 3.20 x 2.10 metres also enables the transportation of bulky goods up to a lifting height of 250 metres. To make the hoist even more convenient and user-friendly, it has been equipped with comprehensive state-of-the-art control variants. The GEDA BL 2000 is available in two variants, a Standard and a Premium model.

Hoists and elevators, construction
  • Personnel and Material hoist
  • Construction hoist
  • Rack and Pinion Hoist

Product features

Cargo Persons and material
Mast system GEDA S-MAST
Load capacity (material) 2000 kg
Load capacity (persons) 23 Persons
Lifting height 250 m
Lifting speed 55 m/min
Platform dimension 1.45 m x 3.2 m x 2.1 m

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