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GEDA MAXI 120 S - Rope Hoists


Rope hoists especially for scaffolders Two lifting speeds, an overload protection and a slack rope switch as well as a variety of different load receptacles make these fast scaffold assembly hoists the ideal tool for rationally and safely transporting scaffold components and building materials. You do not need to transport the handy drive of the rope drum to the top. It can simply be installed to the scaffold on the bottom. You can install the lightweight swivel arm in the desired height to the scaffold on the top. Quick assembly and their easily being moved are the biggest advantages of the GEDA scaffold assembly hoists. The maximum working height of 40m can be extended to 76m if you install the winch in a higher position. Apart from scaffolders, it is mainly roofers and painters who use these speedy tools to transport their materials onto the scaffold.

Hoists and elevators, construction
  • Construction hoist
  • Rope hoist
  • Scaffolding Hoist

Product features

Cargo Material
Load capacity (material) 120 kg
Lifting height 76 m
Rope length 81 m
Lifting speed 20 m/min / 60 m/min
Power supply 0.45 kW /1.35 kW /230 V /50 Hz /16 A

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