The personnel and material hoist GEDA Multilift P12 P is an alternative to the classical service- and industrial hoists. It is designed to meet the requirements of the industry. Using the GEDA Multilift P12 P with its single mast, you can transport a maximum of 12 people or 1500 kg. The main features of this hoist are: - enclosed car - completely closed base enclosure - control can be carried out from all loading/ unloading points, from the car and from the base enclosure. A level pre-selection control can be installed as an accessory which enables automatic drive to landing levels.

Hoists and elevators, construction
  • Industrial elevator
  • Rack and Pinion Hoist
  • Personnel and Material Hoist

Product features

Cargo Persons and material
Load capacity (material) 1500 kg
Load capacity (persons) 12 Persons
Lifting height 150 m
Lifting speed 40 m/min
Power supply 15 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz / 32 A

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