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GEDA SH - Industrial Elevators


GEDA industrial elevators guarantee the smooth, efficient and safe transportation of people and materials precisely where they are required. Even in the toughest of conditions, GEDA products score highly with customers due to their unique quality and modern car design. The versatile deployment sites of GEDA industrial elevators cover cement works, asphalt mixing plants, chemical plants through cooling towers and silos to offshore plants and explosion-protected areas. Industrial elevators create huge time and cost savings due to efficient workflows in maintenance and service work. The GEDA Standard elevator range covers load capacities from 400 to 3,200 kg. The modular design also provides the customer with the choice of different car dimensions and hoisting speeds of up to 60 m/min. Whatever demands an elevator must meet every GEDA industrial elevator, whether a transport platform or personnel and material hoist or pure material hoist, can be perfectly adapted to on-site conditions.

Hoists and elevators, construction
  • Industrial elevator
  • Rack and Pinion Hoist
  • Service hoist

Product features

Cargo Persons and material
Load capacity (material) 400 kg - 3200 kg
Load capacity (persons) 5 - 42 Persons
Lifting height 0 m - 400 m
Lifting speed 0 - 60 m/min
Power supply Depending on project
Platform dimension Depending on project

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