The GEMÜ 548 2/2-way angle seat globe valve has a motorized actuator with a plastic housing. The motor is designed for DC and AC operating voltages. The integrated gear translates the rotary motor movement into a linear movement. The actuator is available as an on/off version or with an integrated positioner and additional process controller. The valve spindle is sealed by a self-adjusting gland packing providing low maintenance and reliable valve spindle sealing even after a long service life. A wiper ring fitted in front of the gland packing protects the seal against contamination and damage. -High flow rates -2-colour LEDs with good visibility for indication of end position and travel direction -Extensive integrated diagnostic functions

Taps - adjustable controls
  • Angle seat globe valve

Product features

Body material (Rg 5) CC499K
Body material 1.4435, investment casting
Body material 1.4408, cast stainless steel
Body configuration 2/2-way body; Angle body
Actuator Motorised
Operating pressure 0 to 25 bar
DN 25 to 80
Media temperature -10 to 180 °C

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