Manually operated diaphragm valve


The GEMÜ 650TL diaphragm valve is a manual tapping valve with automatic closing function which is pneumatically operated. The "keep-closed" override of manual operation is via a stainless steel handwheel. The valve can only be operated (opened / closed), if a control medium is applied to the actuator. When the control medium supply is switched off, the valve closes and can no longer be operated manually. - Hermetic separation between medium and operator - Ergonomic handwheel - Additional pneumatic actuator for closing from a central control system - CIP/SIP capable - Optional flow direction and installation position

Plumbing, industrial
  • Diaphragm valve

Product features

Body material 1.4435, block material
Body material 1.4435, forged body
Body material 1.4435, investment casting
Body configuration Tank bottom valve body; 2/2-way body
Body configuration T body
Actuator Manual
Operating Pressure 0 to 8 bar
DN 8 to 25
Media temperature -10 to 100 °C

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