Pressure relief valve


The pressure relief valves GEMÜ N085 and N185 protect the plant and the piping system against gauge pressure and reduces pressure peaks. The third pipe spigot enables the valve to be installed in the main pipe. If the pressure increases, the spring is raised and the valve opens. The pressure is reduced to the preset value and can escape via the third pipe spigot into an adjacent pipe. If the pressure falls, the spring force presses the diaphragm in the direction of the seal seat and it is closed. The spring force can be adjusted as required using a set screw. - Valve adjustments can also be made under working pressure. - The optimization of piston, springs and control face ensures good control characteristics - The actuator is hermetically separated from the medium

Valves for industrial fittings
  • Pressure relief valve

Product features

Body material PP-B; PVC; PVDF
Body configuration Multi-port version
Operating Pressure 0 to 10 bar
DN 10 to 50
Media temperature -20 bis 100 °C

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