The GEMÜ SUMONDO® single-use diaphragm valve consists of a diaphragm valve body and a manual or pneumatic operator. The single-use diaphragm valve body has an internally welded diaphragm. The single-use diaphragm valve body is fastened to the operator using a clamp. The valve body and the operator are locked using a defined closing and opening procedure. After use, the single-use diaphragm valve body and its diaphragm can be removed from the operator and disposed of. The operator can be used multiple times and remains in the plant. - Tried and tested actuator design - Impact resistant, corrosion resistant - The diaphragm valve body meets the purity requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (USP 85, USP 788) - Integral optical position indicator - Validation Guide on request - Gamma-sterilizable valve body

Taps - adjustable controls
  • Single-use diaphragm valve

Product features

Body material PP-R natural
Body configuration Straight way valve body
Body configuration Angle valve body, right
Body configuration T valve body
Actuator Pneumatic, Manual
Operating pressure 0 to 4 bar
DN 10 to 25
Media temperature 5 to 40 °C

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