As a combination of blind rivet nut and screw, blind rivet nut studs offer an alternative or replacement for welding studs. The following applications are particularly suitable for the use of GESIPA® blind rivet nut studs: • Accessibility from one side only • Thin carrier materials (sheet metal, plastics, etc.) • Necessary pre-centering • On heat sensitive application materials (e.g. welding not possible) • Surface coatings must not be damaged • Production of electrically conductive joints • Fast replacement of welding studs (repairs) GESIPA® blind rivet nut studs can be set without any problem with the GESIPA® blind rivet nut setting tools FireBird®, GBM 95 and FireFox® using corresponding adapters (see tool description) for blind rivet nut studs

Fasteners, metal
  • blind riveting

Product features

Material Steel

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