Glass cloth tape coated with a thermosetting silicone adhesive with 0.17 mm total thickness and recommended for coil winding protection and insulation and fixing wires prior impregnation (180°C thermal class H). UL listed - Thought abrasive resistance. - Excellence mechanical and electrical properties. - High conformable, no corrosion, - UL approval. - Flame retardant. - High tensile strength. - Meet MIL-I-19166C Type 7 MIL. APPLICATIONS Fixing and reinforcing coils and output wires,Fixing and securing wires onto carcass prior to impregnation.Fixing, reinforcing and securing high temperature non-adhesive insulating materials.Insulating switches, inductors, connections, class H dry-type transformers leads.Protective mask of PCB for wave soldering.Securing, splicing cables and wires harnesses.

Tapes, adhesive
  • glass cloth silicone tape
  • fiberglass adhesive tape
  • high temperature glass cloth tape

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