The TER-GX910 is based on the Telit GE910 module and is a complete cellular terminal solution for GSM applications. The GSM module is programmed with Python script. Communication can be achieved with modem RS232, modem USB which is a type B USB connector. The TER-GX910 terminal requires a single voltage source of power from 6V to 55V. The device is protected against supply voltage reversal.The SIM slot is on the same side as that of USB port and power connector. The device has an SMA connector, for cellular antenna use the 5 band antenna with 2.5 dB gain. The RS -232 is intended for the communication between the GSM module and the host application. Next to the RS232 is the AUX interface. Between the AUX and the RS232 are two status LED lights; the red light is for OFF and green light is for ON. The TER-GX910 hardware components are fully compliant with the EU RoHS and WEE Directives.

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