GPS Synchronous Solar Flashers -



The system visually stimulates the driver in various weather conditions (fog, rain, snow) by warning the drivers of highway speeds and the driver can observe snow and ice during the winter season, to improve their driving safety and comfort by facilitating transportation. One of the most important features that distinguish the GPS based Synchronous Flasher from its counterparts is that it does not lose synchronization without the need for a master device because it is GPS based. The flasher devices, which can not be GPS-based, have a Master device and devices that are in slave mode to provide synchronization. The disadvantage of this is that all devices lose synchronization if the master device interrupts communication with other devices due to a situation or if it fails. Since there is no master-slave mode in GPS-Based Solar Flasher products, it is a great advantage to continue to work without any other communication breakdown or failure in case of failure of other devices.