The cable marker KS 442 C-FM is a high-performance marker specifically designed for high-speed gravure printing on hot plastic insulated wires and plastic jacketed cables in user selectable colors. Due to the extremely high precision of the machine’s drive system, the KS 442 C-FM ensures a non-slip operation and a reduction of the strain on the soft cable insulation to a minimum. Marking of text and numbers Tandem printing head Quick change of legend Print wheel drive up to and above 1200 m/min Exchangeable ink supply system STANDARD CONFIGURATION Tandem marking unit with synchronized drive. Integrated pneumatic printing station selector. Integrated control electronics with addi­tional input for automatic switching via external contact closure. 1 set of dedicated ink wipers and guide rollers matching the specified printing discs. Replaceable ink supply module with ink tank, pump, cooler, filters, and ink flow fine adjustment valve.

  • Ink jet printing
  • Integrated Pneumatic
  • Station Selector
  • Automatic Switching

Product characteristics

Max. printing speed
1200 m/min
Cable diameter
1 mm to 24 mm
Printing discs
86 mm in diameter, flat or concave rim

Domain icon Manufacturer/ Producer

2203 Grossebersdorf - Austria


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