GREEN from SCHÖNBERG:TAKIEDDIN - Made in Germany GREEN new German technology for lose weight, its safe on the body and 100% vegetarian HOW DOES THIS FORMULA WORK The physical method by feeling fullness by "glucomanan" extracts, which multiplies 50 weakness of original size Extract of peel orange bitter and root of "ribas tree", is burn excess sugar in the blood before converting it into triglycerides stored in the hip and buttocks. Hot capsicum extract reduce the bad "LDL" cholesterol in the body that attaches on the walls of the blood vessels "Cola Nut" extract helps to stimulate metabolism and speed up metabolism (BMR) and raise it to 50% and not more than 70% that mean start burning fat stored in the body. - All this components working to activating the blood circulation and this helps to stimulate the body and memory

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