Paths should offer year round access to your growing areas as well as garden features like sheds. They needn’t be complicated or expensive, but should be well built for safety and durability. Grid for Garden Path and Parking is an inexpensive material for the construction of a garden path, sidewalk, private parking lot, driveway in front of a private garage or a playground. It is provided in the convenient format – 2 meters wide. It’s easy to be transported in a car and stored in a shed. The decay of garden walkways and paths under natural conditions is the recurrent trouble in one’s private garden. Paving slabs start drifting after heavy rain, especially in one or two years of usage. Grid for Garden Path and Parking will prevent this destruction. OPERATIONAL PRINCIPLE OF THE GRID FOR GARDEN PATH AND PARKING Depending on the load intensity one of the following types of construction shall be chosen.

  • netting

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