GRP - Pneumatic agitator GRP – pneumatic agitator The GRP is a pneumatic agitator equipped with either a helical geared drive or a worm geared drive. It is used for homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying and suspending of low- and medium viscosity materials in small containers. The agitator shaft is directly mounted on the shaft journal. Elastic operation, in other words: The speed of the agitator adapts to the viscosity of the media being mixed. Compact and easy-to-maintain construction as well as low weight allows an easy handling. ((Infotexte)) Speed is sensitively and continuously adjustable, smooth start, insensitive to vapor, dust and smoke. Compressed air keeps all moving parts clean. Insensitive to heat, suitable for high ambient temperatures. Compressed air expanding in the air engine cools the agitator drive. The pneumatic agitators are explosion proof and overload proof until standstill. Type test certificate for explosive zone 0. The GRP is a pneumatic agitator...

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