GRP or SMC Water Tank - Sectional GRP Water Tank



Modular panels of water tanks and water conservation tanks are manufactured on high-pressure hydraulic molding presses under-regulated high temperatures from GRP or SMC (glass fiber reinforced polyester resin.) Application of regulated heat and pressure make GRP or SMC structure very strong and rigid. Manufactured according to the world-renowned WRAS and EN 13280: 2001 quality management system. GRP Modular Water Tanks ceilings, floors and sides surfaces are all made of hot pressing. This highly qualified engineering product is the best and most preferred among water storage. • Very long life • Low weight • Resistant to corrosion • No electrical conductivity • Low thermal conductivity • Has dimensional stabilizers • Resistant to UV rays • Hygienic according to all other tanks. • can be processed in a simple way • No recycling • Paint or maintenance-free • Can be manufactured in any color • Not magnetic • Light transmittance can be provided • Chemical and combus