The Swing Carousel consists of a rotating structure rising along a central column and supporting two rows of swinging chairs for accommodation of 1 passenger each. Double seats is also possible, to accommodate one adult and one child. All decorative panels are made out of fibreglass/alluminium with galvanized-steel frame. All decoration are hand made and all painting one by one hand-brush executed. Lighting is permanently mounted on decorative elements. The swinging chairs and their supporting chains are made by stainless steel and fibreglass shells. The covering roof consist of decorative fiberglass globe. The rotation is made by one self-braking AC motors and lifting by two hydraulic pistons.

Product features

Static dimensions Diameter m.9,1 (29’10") - Height m.6,9 (22’8")
Operational dimensions Diameter m.15,6 (51’3") - Height m.8,7 (28’7")
Maximum capacity 32 passengers
Maximum passengers/hour 480 passengers/hour (4 min. cycle)
Power Requirements 12,5 kW (5 kW Led Lighting – 7,5 kW Motive Power)


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