GSB system boxes are made of high-impact proof polypropylene and have mostly proved their efficiency in practice: ■Both the boxes and the partitions in-between are resistant against acids, oils and fat. ■Ergonomic aspects as well as high stability were particularly considered while designing. For example the grips feature special ribs underneath to make the use easier and above all safer. ■Racks on the outside as well as a stacking brim all around increase stacking steadiness and capacity. ■Large label fields enable a detailed marking and provide that way a clear overview in the storehouse. ■The even inner surface assures optimal room use of the compartments – this also is an advantage for cleaning. ■All partitions snap with millimetre precision to avoid any slipping even with a heavy loading.

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Product features

Material Polypropylene
Resistant acids, oils and fat
Electro static discharge on demand


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