Daily 2,50 Week-end 4,00 Weekly 10,00 Fortnightly 18,00 Monthly 29,00 Equipped with shoulder case, 2 batteries, battery charger, car charger ,hearphones and casing. AIR-TIME Snap business profile: mobile TIM/VODAFONE/WIND/H3G and satellite phones IRIDIUM/THURAYA/GLOBALSTAR/INMARSAT PROVIDING CONDICTIONS For the first rent, we request a deposit of € 500,00 for each GSM device and € 1.000,00 for SATELLITE device by credit card, cashier’s check or cash which will be returned together with the invoice traffic carried, about 30/60/90 days from delivery of the unit. From the second rent, we don’t need a deposit, but it is necessary a rental request sent by fax or e-mail in time. DELIVERY AND WITHDRAWAL Free in Rome. In and out of Italy, express delivery rates will be applied. In case of device damage/breaking, it will be quantified according to the circumstances. In case of accident/theft, a refund of the device is required based on the market valuation with 20 % of amortization. PAYMENT

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